Mr., Mrs., and Grandma Yukino (雪野). Yukino, translated literally, means 'Snowy Fields'.

Vivi's household is a cross-cultural one, with Mrs. Yukino being American and Mr. Yukino and his mother, Grandma Yukino, being Japanese.

Little is known of their occupations and character traits, aside from their general appearance and surname.

Grandma Yukino

Grandma Yukino

Grandma Yukino is depicted in a traditional kimono and carrying a khakkara, (or a 錫杖, shakujō). This sounding staff is Buddhist in origin, and originates from India and is used either in prayer or as a weapon. This may indicate that Grandma Yukino is a traditional Buddhist Nun. She wears a scarf and glasses similar to Vivi, and her color scheme is also primarily blue. This may indicate that Vivi takes heavily after her grandmother.

Grandma Yukino appears to be an extremely elderly woman, living with her son and daughter-in-law as she may be too old to live alone independently.

Mrs. Yukino

Mrs. Yukino

Mrs. Yukino is an American woman married to Mr. Yukino. She is depicted with a jaunty bob and wearing a yellow sweater much like Vivi's appearance. She is a very energetic and bright-hearted woman with what appears to be a very sunny disposition, a stark contrast to her husband and mother-in-law.

If this is true, Vivi has much in common with her mother, sharing her abundant enthusiasm and optimism.

Mr. Yukino

Mr. Yukino

Mr. Yukino is a tall and serious Japanese gentleman, wearing long slacks and yellow glasses, with a dark blue sweater and scarf. He has graying sideburns and a few wrinkles. It is likely he is the oldest or only son of Grandma Yukino, as she lives with them and not overseas in Japan with another relative. He appears to have a no-nonsense attitude with little patience for frivolity and silliness.


  • The Samurai challenging the kitsune
  • The samurai fighting the kitsune, her sword shrouded in blue energy
  • Vivi showing signs of her powers
  • In "Hellbent", Shiromori has glimpses of a unnamed samurai girl, who has a strong resemblance to Vivi, (at some point, she even mistakes her with Vivi). It's very likely that the samurai is a Yukino Family's ancestor.
  • Ice powers seem to run in the family, as both the samurai from the flashbacks and Vivi appear to possess such, indicated by a blue energy given off by the weapons they wield (a sword and a bat respectively).
    • Currently, only Vivi was shown to have this power, but it's very possible that her father and grandmother also have it.
    • However, it's unknown did whether or not Grandma, Mr. Yukino, and even Vivi are aware about having this power.


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