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Mystery Skulls Animated - The Future is an animated music video created by Mystery Ben featuring the tracks "Enemy" and "The Future" by Mystery Skulls. The video was released on YouTube and is preceded by "Ghost", "Freaking Out", and "Hellbent".


The video opens with a dark screen, and Arthur can be heard saying "Lewis?" The song "Enemy" begins to play. Lewis' glowing eyes come into view as he looks angrily down at Arthur, who has just been dropped off the cliff's edge; Lewis' look of anger changes into that of remorse as he has flashbacks of his own death, causing his heart locket to shatter and turn a dull blue-gray. He begins trying to dematerialize the cave when he is shot in the chest by Lance. Arthur lands in a pile of boxes, and Lewis' 'wound' closes up; he turns around and glares at Lance and levitates toward him. Lance continues to shoot in a panic, but his shots have almost no effect on Lewis. When Lance shot his chest again, Lewis was lightly knocked back. He then glared at Lance, furious.

The song "The Future" begins to play and Vivi's bat is shown bouncing away; Mystery looks on horrified as Shiromori raises her shears to stab Vivi. Just as they come down on Vivi, Mystery transforms into his kitsune form and bites his own paw, drawing blood so as to entice Shiromori away from Vivi. Mystery gestures to Vivi, who notices her bat is surrounded by an icy glow; Vivi is shown in a wintry forest where she sees Mushi. Mushi extends a hand to Vivi and vice versa; Shiromori almost bites Mystery's bleeding paw when Vivi attacks and the two begin to fight.

Meanwhile, Arthur wakes up in the back of the truck and notices Lewis' abandoned locket. He picks it up; this causes Lewis to react and drop Lance, who appears beaten up and unconcious. Arthur opens the locket and sees the picture of Lewis and Vivi inside. As he looks closer, the picture changes into one of the whole Mystery Skulls gang, right before Lewis snatches it away, embarrassed. Looking inside, Lewis is surprised to see the new picture and begins to cry black tears, falling to his knees as Arthur looks on.

The fight between Shiromori and Vivi continues; Vivi is cut on the cheek, causing Mystery to intervene - he grabs Shiromori's shears and tosses both her and the shears into the distance. She falls onto Rooster's truck (now back to its normal appearance) causing it to explode. She recovers quickly and slams her hands into the ground, sending out giant vines toward Mystery and Vivi. Lewis and Arthur carrying Lance just come out of the truck, dazed, to see the roots growing to attack. Mystery runs up the vines toward Shiromori with Vivi on his back, while Lewis uses fireballs in an attempt to destroy the vines and Arthur carries Lance to safety. The vines ripple, causing Vivi and Mystery to fly into the air. Vivi attacks from above, swinging her bat down to hit the vines as she falls. This causes them to freeze upon impact, eventually reaching to Shiromori's arms, causing them to break off. Vivi points her bat at a defeated-looking Shiromori, but Mystery steps between them. Vivi and Mystery seem to take pity on her and begin to walk away when she regenerates her arms and attacks with her shears. Vivi blocks the attack with her bat, but Shiromori swings again, injuring Vivi enough for her to vomit blood, causing Mystery to begin a new transformation - part of a beating heart is shown with different colored strands of blood pulsing out. A light blue one begins to gush out, and Mystery gains another tail. His sclera and the inside of his mouth turn green, and his fangs grow longer as he lunges toward Shiromori.

Shiromori hits Mystery and he rolls away, a pool of blood forming under him. Vivi cries out but is too weak to go to him; she notices Shiromori's exposed heart beating and is re-energized as a gust of wind surrounds her. Shiromori turns around with a tear on her right eye, possibly conveying that she did not want to hurt Mystery. Vivi swings her bat at the exposed heart, hitting hard enough to cleave through Shiromori's torso and launch her heart into the sky. Shiromori slowly disintegrates as Mystery looks on in shock until all that remains of Shiromori is her wooden, tree-like upper half. White blood begins to spurt from Mystery's heart as he sprouts a ninth tail, and he collapses to the ground.

Vivi runs to Mystery's side and uses her scarf to try to staunch his wound, but he appears lifeless. As Vivi starts to cry over Mystery's body, his eyes snap open, now glowing green. The pool of blood under him is sucked back into his body, and his fur turns black. Multiple colors of energy start to surge from his body; and he springs back up in a burst of green energy, hurling Vivi against the side of the Mystery Skulls Van. Lewis and the Dead Beats clutch their heads in agony, while Arthur's prosthetic arm starts to crackle and thrash about erratically. Seeing the injured Vivi, Lewis rushes to her side and Arthur soon joins them. In front of them, Mystery continues to transform into a demonic version of himself and the three slowly stare up at the enormous black and green beast standing before them.

The video then rewinds to just before Mystery's transformation. His heart is cracking and bursting apart, with streams of green, blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange, white, and black blood flowing from it. As his heartbeat gradually slows down, a green hand reaches out and seizes his heart as it turns bright green and a demonic laugh is heard.

In a brief post-credits scene (with "Enemy" once again playing over the credits), Vivi, Lewis, and Arthur stare up at the now-possessed Mystery. Vivi starts to utter "What the fu-" but is cut off by Arthur screaming in terror, Vivi and Lewis Looking at him when he started screaming.






  • This video is the first, and thus far the only one, to have voice acting.
  • It is also the first video to not feature Lewis' heart locket on the thumbnail.
  • By reversing the audio heard during the rewind, part of the Mystery Skulls track "When I'm With You" can be heard, possibly hinting at the song to be used in the finale.
  • Unfinished scene comparison.png
    A change in Arthur's expression can be found in an unfinished version of the scene when Lewis burns the vines, Arthur's face changed from slight concern to that of pure terror.


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