The Cavern is the precursor to The Mansion.



The Cavern is the site of a tragedy which leads to the events in The Mansion. The Mystery Skulls gang splits up to explore the cavern: Lewis and Arthur take one path while Vivi takes another. Mystery begins to accompany Vivi but follows Arthur and Lewis instead. As Lewis approaches a ledge, the cavern's evil spirit possesses Arthur, spreading up his left hand to half of his face. His possessed half shoves Lewis off the ledge and Lewis is impaled upon the razor-sharp stalagmites below. Vivi, whose path has led her beneath the ledge, witnesses Lewis' death. Ghostly purple energy (most likely from Lewis' ghost) erases Vivi's memory of him (its purple light fills her eyes, still obscuring them in the mansion's True Sight Mirrors). Mystery, in reality a kitsune protecting the gang, tears Arthur's left arm off, freeing him from the evil spirit's possession.

Freaking Out

Some time afterwards, Shiromori finds the cavern, presumably over the course of her search for Mystery. She tries to track down traces of his presence without success, however she does end up finding lingering remnants of Lewis. Using those remnants to grow a flower tied to Lewis' being, she is led to the former location of the mansion and finds Lewis' locket, she uses it to find Mystery but before she could fulfill her goal, Lewis shows up in order to defend his locket. He ends up finding three flowers which represent each person in the investigations group...

It is also shown during these events that Arthur's arm is still possessed by the mysterious entity, as it is seen leaving the cavern just as Shiromori is about to enter it.

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