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You can't run forever, mutt.

–"Shiromori's Profile"

Shiromori (Japanese: 白森 - White Forest) is a character introduced in the music video Freaking Out. She appears to be a Bonsai tree monster who is after Mystery in order to consume his blood.


Shiromori has blue skin, shoulder-length white hair, pink eyes, one sharp fang on the left (right in view), an orange tongue, pink lipstick on her bottom lip, pink eye shadow, legs with no feet, rather large hands wrapped in bandages, and a small blue and white tree-like formation with pink flowers growing out of her head, resembling a bonsai tree. In "The Future", she has pink claw-like nails.

She wears a white and grayish pink traditional Japanese-style robe, a large pink beaded necklace, and matching bracelets.


She appears to be harmless at first but later on, it is revealed that she can be ruthless and even sadistic in her goal to find Mystery, and will stop at nothing to kill anything that comes in her way. Shiromori will usually show cocky faces after either a victory or during a fight. For instance, When she first meets Lewis she has a paralyzed look on her face, but quickly shows a cocky look after being healed from Lewis' punch.

She seems to be addicted to Mystery's blood. In "The Future", she halted her execution to sniff the air to find that Mystery had bitten his paw, causing it to bleed. This seems to entrance her to go to take a bite out of Mystery instead of killing Vivi.


Freaking Out

We can see that she walks inside the cave where ??? was possessing Authur's right arm and pushed Lewis off. She makes a flower that resembles Mystery but it rots, she was filled with anger and smashes the wall since she can't find him. Then, she feels this purple aura where it leads to Lewis's heart. She walked outside and stomped on it. She makes three flowers that resemble Lewis, Authur, and Vivi. She picks up his broken heart and makes Mystery's flower. It blooms and she was able to track him down until Lewis reformed and punched her in the face. As Lewis took his heart back, she gave him a smirk and blew Mystery's flower off so she can track him. She dug into the ground and began to search for the kitsune.


As she popped up into the ground, she jumped onto the van and broke the front window with her scissors by stabbing it. She hit the right part of the seat next to Mystery as the glass cut his face. Since she saw him bleed, she went insane. As the van had a bump, Shiromori fell off and was hit by Lewis's truck. As the van crashed next to Authur's uncle's shop. As she walked pass by, we can see there was a flashback of Mystery giving his blood to her when she was a small flower. There were more flashbacks of when Vivi's ancestor, Mushi, was fighting Mystery many years ago in Japan. As she tries to strike Mystery in his disguised form, Vivi was hit by a bat. She saw Vivi and panicked because Vivi was a descendant of Mushi. She shockingly stared at Mystery and got into a rage. She made enormous scissors and tries to kill Vivi.

The Future

As she was about to stab Vivi, Mystery turns into a kitsune and bites his arm to show his blood to Shiromori. As she was distracted and was about to bite his arm, Vivi interrupts and stories to hit her with a bat. As Shiromori grabs the bat, she realizes that her hand was frozen, she then dodges her attack. The two fought and Shirmori makes a bunch of giant roots to trap or attack them. As Vivi slashes both of her arms off, Mystery and Vivi showed their mercy to her. She declines their mercy and tries to stab Mystery but Vivi protects him and she gets slashed in the stomach instead. As Mystery went barging into her, Shiromori knocks him out. As she was trying to talk to him, she turns around, crying, and gets slashed by Vivi. Her heart went flying out and up into the sky. As she rots, she reaches her hand out for Mystery.



Mystery and Shiromori seem to know each other, though why and how is currently unknown. Shiromori seems to have a particularly bad grudge against Mystery and is hunting him down for some reason.

In "Hellbent", a series of brief flashbacks indicate that Mystery has something to do with her origin. At some point in the past, Mystery battled an unknown swordswoman in a white forest. Mystery is also seen staining a flower with some of his blood (seemingly on purpose, though whether this was before or after the battle is unclear). It is heavily implied that this flower may have been infused with Mystery's magic and become Shiromori. If so, she likely is seeking Mystery to consume more of his blood and grow in power, supported by the fact that she seems to get excited when she sees Mystery bleed.

"The Future" confirms that Shiromori is chasing Mystery to consume his blood. However, it is shown that there is some sort of relationship between the two that goes deeper than mere bloodlust, as Mystery stops Vivi from finishing Shiromori off while she's defenseless. Shiromori is shown shedding a tear when she strikes Mystery down, and her supposed death seems to badly affect Mystery to the point of leaving him open to possession. From the expression on her face, as she perishes, it can be surmised that she also cares about Mystery to some degree, but lost sight of it in her grudge and lust for blood.


Shiromori showed a paralyzed look after seeing Lewis but right after she gets her head punched, she shows a cocky expression. This suggests that they might have become enemies. In The Future, Lewis assists the rest of the group in fighting against Shiromori.


In "Hellbent", after being hit with a metal bat she expresses shock over the similarities between Vivi and the unknown swordswoman shown in several frames dueling with Mystery. However, after her initial shock, she blushed and grew angrier, forcing Vivi's weapon out of her hands, likely intending to kill her as well. However, when Mystery willingly sheds his blood, she immediately ignores Vivi and goes for him, implying that she sees Vivi more as an obstacle to her true objective than a personal enemy.


Shiromori's Small Scissors.

Shiromori's Big Scissors.

  • Burrowing: Shiromori has the ability to travel underground. She demonstrates immense speed when she does this, able to easily outpace moving vehicles.
  • Tracking: Shiromori has the ability to track anyone by growing flowers linked to their life forces/essence.
  • Super Strength: As shown in "Freaking Out", she is able to shatter boulders with a punch, showing that she has an enormous amount of strength.
  • Scissors proficiency: Shiromori uses her scissors for cropping plants and possibly for combat as shown in "Freaking Out", as she hoisted them in the air as she was about to confront Lewis. This is confirmed in "Hellbent", where she uses them as a weapon. She is also able to transform them into a larger and more powerful form, in which they can also be used as a massive two-handed greatsword.
  • Regenerative healing: Shiromori has the ability to regenerate lost body parts in seconds after damage. However, if her heart is removed from her body, she cannot regenerate.
  • Roots: Shiromori is able to deploy a massive amount of thick roots from the earth to bludgeon and constrict enemies. These roots are parly vulnerable to Lewis's spectral flames, and highly vulnerable to Vivi's ice attacks.


  • Fire: Shiromori is somewhat vulnerable against fire as Lewis's ghost fire can burn through her roots fairly quickly. However it's unknown if fire is as effective in stalling Shiro's regenerative abilities compared to ice.
  • Ice: Shiromori's body cannot handle cold attacks as they render her fragile and brittle. During Vivi and Shiro's fight, Vivi won by using Mushi's ice magic in incapacitate her.
  • Heart: Shiromori's heart appears to be the only part of her body that cannot regenerate. From what's shown in "The Future", the heart seems to be the source of Shiro's power, as losing it prevents her from regenerating, reducing her to a lifeless wooden husk.


Shiromori's Profile on Mystery Ben's blog.

She dead (maybe).png
  • According to her character profile (which reads simply "You can't run forever, mutt" where her name should be), it can be inferred she has a grudge against Mystery. The fact that Mystery is a disguised kitsune, a mythological Japanese creature, renders it likely that the two must have met in the past. This was confirmed in "Hellbent".
  • Shiromori, in Japanese, is "White forest" (白森), most likely referring to her color and control over plant life.
    • Her color palette is largely an inverse of Vivi's and Mushi's, highlighting their opposition.
  • Her appearance is possibly inspired by Kiyo, the female equivalent of Oni (the Japanese equivalent of ogres), and her abilities and goals seem to be a mish-mash of various tree yokai in Japanese mythology like the Furutsubaki and Jubokko. The Furutsubaki are white/pink tree spirits that are associated with passion, while the Jubboko are tree monsters that consume the blood of their victims.
  • It is possible that her scissors are a reference to the art of Bonsai.
  • Shiromori is given the outgoing charmer personality on a Miitomo Ben created.[1]
  • In "The Future", after she rejects Mystery and Vivi's mercy and attempts to attack Mystery again, Vivi rips her heart out with her bat and tears her in halves, causing her upper body to wither. It is likely that she died, though her heart still seems to be intact, leaving open the possibility that she may regenerate.


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