I'm pretty sure everyone in my family has bones made of unobtainium. My uncle only broke a bone because a tree rolled over him.

–PBn[citation needed]

Patrick "PBn" Rantala is a Special Effects Animator for Mystery Skulls Animated. PBn describes himself as "a pretty fly / cool dude with a rude 'tude'." and "an internet hobo travelling from land to land, making beautiful works of art."

Also called an "internet nomad," he goes from project to project making and participating in the making of beautiful works of art. For example, he worked on Lewis's fire animations.

He has a "weakly" podcast. However, he does not want the name of the podcast to be known, saying, "It is a bad podcast" and "not very good." On said podcast, it is said that he ate an entire pack of cigarettes "for charity." He stresses that you should not watch the podcast, as it is bad. He notes that all profit made from his podcast goes to the Child's Play charity. However, we are fairly sure that it makes zero dollars.

For some reason, he does not take offense to being called "a weeb" and "a reptilian who couldn't get elected into the government." He lists his superpowers as an immunity to poison oak, crackable knuckles, and the ability to roll his tongue. Ironically, his only known weaknesses are fire and smoke, which are parallel to the work that he has done in the Mystery Skulls Animated animations. He claims that "Trout Mask Replica" is his mix tape, even though it came out before he was born.

For more information or confirmation, contact him via his Tumblr page or, if you have his address, email.

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