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The Painting Ghosts[1] exist in a hallway in the mansion. There are six visible ones, four of which can be recognized as individual characters: a man in a magenta suit, a woman in a corset, a preacher, and a lucha libre.


Very early Concept Art of the Portraits. Since it was drawn before the live action Ghost video, instead of the priest there is a wizard.

  • Mystery Ben has revealed that the Painting Ghosts are references to videos he previously worked on.
    • The Lawyer (Front Left) is a cross between Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth from the Ace Attorney games. His appearance has been modified to fit in with the style of the video, as well as to make him look a little "vampiric". This painting represents the video "The Turntable Turnabout" Mystery Ben made.
    • The Lucha Libre (Back Left) is a reference to the "Ringside" game in Rhythm Heaven Fever. According to Ben, the Rhythm Heaven series had a huge impact on how Ghost was animated (For instance, the head bobbing). It is also a reference to Mystery Ben's My Little Pony - Rhythm Heaven videos of the past.
    • The Woman (Front Right) is supposed to resemble Rarity from My Little Pony. Mystery Ben has done multiple videos around My Little Pony. However she has been turned human and, like The Lawyer, has been given a make-over to look more spooky.
    • The Priest (Back Right) is the priest from the Live version of the Ghost video. Originally, he was supposed to be a Wizard referencing Ben's early 8-BIT Dungeons and Dragons animation. However, after the Live video came out he thought it was appropriate to include the priest instead.[1]


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