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Mystery Skulls is a Paranormal Investigation group founded by a group of friends in the fictional town of Tempo, Texas. The group consists of Vivi Yukino, Arthur Kingsmen, and their "dog" mascot, Mystery. Lewis Pepper was a former member prior to his death.


  • The group name is named after the band Mystery Skulls.
  • Mystery Skulls was inspired by Mystery Incorporated from Scooby-Doo.[1] Each of its members are designed after the series' protagonists:
    • Mystery is based on Scooby-Doo.
    • Arthur is based on Shaggy Rogers.
    • Lewis is based on Fred Jones.
    • Vivi is based on Daphne Blake and Velma Dinkley.
    • Additionally, the Mystery Skulls Van is based on the Mystery Machine.