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This article is about the musician. You may be looking for the group.

"Mystery Skulls" is an American indie pop/electronica act by Luis Alberto Dubuc Jr. that originated in Dallas, Texas but now operates out of Los Angeles, California.[1]


The project was formed in 2011 by Luis Dubuc after his previous project, The Secret Handshake, was dissolved.[2] Dubuc initially announced the project on August 8, 2011, via the Mystery Skull's official Tumblr account, where they posted a video of the song Amazing.[3] He later followed this post with a 5 song EP on December 30, 2011.[4] Since then Mystery Skulls has performed in multiple college towns, signed with Warner Music Group, and has collaborated with multiple artists such as Brandy Norwood and Nile Rodgers.[5][6] Dubuc continues to perform shows across the country.



  • EP (2011)
  • Forever (2014)
  • Ultra Rare Vol 1 (2015)
  • One of us (2017)
  • Back to Life (2019)
  • Now or Never (2020)


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