Mystery is a member of the Mystery Skulls and attentive mascot animal. His character is similar to that of Scooby-Doo from the American animated television series Scooby-Doo.


Mystery looks like a white dog with black paws. He has a red and black spiky mane of hair on his head and wears a pair of tiny, gold-tinted glasses. He also wears a dog collar with a question mark on it.

His true form is that of a large kitsune with six tails in "Ghost". As of "Freaking Out" and the character model posted by Ben he now has seven tails. It is unknown why this change has occurred; however one theory is that as he is a Kitsune, and Kitsune gain a tail every 100 years, he may have simply aged between the two events.


Little is known about Mystery, although he is shown to be very loyal and protective of his friends. However, what we do know about him either comes from bits of info from Ben, or from symbolism.


"Hellbent" essentially confirms that Mystery hails from Japan, and it is revealed that he once fought a swords-woman who bore a striking resemblance to Vivi. These flashbacks presents Mystery in a dark, sinister fashion, implying that he may have at that point been malevolent.

Mystery is the mascot of the Mystery Skulls paranormal team. It is unknown if any of the other members are aware that Mystery is a kitsune.

In the cave Mystery seemed uneasy. When the gang splits up he was supposed to go with Vivi, but instead chooses to follow the two boys for unknown reasons.

When Arthur becomes possessed and pushes Lewis off the cliff, thus kills him, Mystery removes Arthur's arm freeing him from any further possession, though the arm itself remains possessed, as seen in "Freaking Out", where the arm makes a cameo at the beginning of it.




Vivi and Mystery enjoying their meal.

Vivi is a fellow team member, as well as his owner. They are also part of the same team and seem to get along well. If what is true about kitsune in Japanese mythology applies to Mystery, then he is most likely very loyal and protective of her. It's unclear whether Vivi is aware of Mystery's true form or whether she believes him to be an actual dog.

In "Hellbent", it is revealed that Mystery once fought a swords-woman who bore a striking resemblance to Vivi, most likely an ancestor.



Mystery watching Arthur being possessed

Arthur is a friend and fellow investigator. Mystery forcibly removed Arthur's arm the night of the cave accident to save him from the evil spirit's possession. It is unknown if Arthur is aware that Mystery is a kitsune or if he remembers how he lost his arm, though Arthur is greatly afraid of Mystery's kitsune form as for that reason.


There is not much known about Lewis' and Mystery's relationship. Before Lewis died they were members of the same team and seemed to be friends.


Shiromori and Mystery seem to know each other, though why and how is currently unknown. Mystery seems to be afraid of her and is being hunted down by her for some reason. Shiromori is most likely hunting Mystery to get power from his blood, as suggested by a flashback screen where a kistune's (maybe Mystery's?) blood drops on a flower with an appearence similar to Shiromori. We already know that some flowers in the Mystery Skulls animated universe are somehow linked to specific people by magical means, so (Mystery's?) blood might have given Shiromori power. This would also explain why she is so desperate to harm him.

In "Hellbent" his blood is revealed to have dropped on a particular flower, likely in the aftermath of his fight with Vivi's ancestor. This is implied to be part of the reason why Shiromori is hunting him, though the connection of the flower to Shiromori is yet unknown.



Mystery's Profile on Mystery Ben's blog.

  • Mystery's design is inspired primarily by Mystery Ben's original character[1] as well as Scooby-Doo.
  • Mystery's age is listed as "...'7'" on his official profile, implying that this is not his real age. Being a supernatural creature, he is likely far older than a normal dog could be, possibly even hundreds of years old.
    • According to yokai folklore, a kitsune grows a new tail every 100 years. Since Mystery's kitsune form has 7 tails, it can be inferred that his real age is 700 years old.
  • Mystery's name alludes to the video creator's online handle (Mystery Ben), and the name of the paranormal investigation team as well as the group whose music the videos are based on (Mystery Skulls), and to the fact that he hides his true nature from the others (thus being a mystery himself).
  • It is heavily hinted that Mystery may hail from Japan. His favorite instrument is the Japanese taiko drum. His favorite show is GeGeGe no Kitarō (an anime about Japanese yökai) and his favorite game is Ōkami (which also takes place in an ancient Japanese setting and centers, fittingly enough, on a wolf deity). His true form is reminiscent of a kitsune, and he is being hunted by Shiromori.
  • Mystery's flower that appears in "Freaking Out" is a Red Lotus.[2] Red Lotuses often represent ascension, enlightenment, and rebirth. His flower is also noticeably much larger than that of the other members of the team, hinting as his mystical abilities and powerful "aura".
  • Mystery's favorite food is listed as "...'chicken'" which some think may be a joke regarding Arthur being a 'chicken', since Mystery bit off his arm.
  • Despite Mystery's resemblance to Mystery Ben's avatar, Ben himself has stated that he relates more to Arthur.
  • It's confirmed that Mystery can speak and he likely knows Japanese and English. Artsy stated he might know even more languages than that [3]


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