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Mushi[1] is an enigmatic Japanese swords-woman that was introduced in Hellbent. She seems to be related to Vivi as a distant ancestor, but otherwise very little is known about her at the moment.

Appearance Edit

Mushi has a petite yet athletic body, sky blue hair with bangs and a long raised pony tail. She has a scar on her cheek under her left eye, as well as another on her upper left arm.

She wears a long blue scarf, a light blue gi of some kind and a darker blue mesh shirt and pants underneath. She wears purple-ish leather fingerless bracer gloves up to her elbows and wrappings from her knees down to right before her toes, being shoeless.

Her physical appearance is eerily similar to Vivi, though she has noticeable differences in hair shape, clothing, and a more serious and battle hardy demeanor in her expressions.

Mushi carries a blue katana with tassels on the pommel and gold diamond patterns (tsuka-ito) on the handle. This sword has very strong ice themes with the guard being snowflake shaped and snowflake patterns appearing on the blade itself. It glows of an otherworldly blue essence which might be connected to Vivi's bat that also glows the same color in Hellbent, presumably due to a mysterious rectangular Japanese sticker/charm that can be seen wrapped around the bat.

Personality Edit

Mushi seems to have a stoic behavior, but will aggressively defend those she feels she needs to protect. She also appears to be bold and confrontational towards a very powerful looking Mystery in kitsune form from the illustration images in Hellbent.

History Edit

Mushi is a swords-woman from ancient Japan who has had direct encounters with Mystery in his kitsune form and Shiromori in her forest form from the distant past. She has even fought with Mystery directly in a fierce battle from what has been show in the illustrations in Hellbent. She may have also faced Shiromori in her humanoid form at some point, but that is currently unknown. Interestingly, the possibility of Mushi's presence throws Shiromori into a full blown panic when she mistakes Vivi for her. So far, Mushi is the only character that has elicited such an over the top response and is probably a true and dangerous threat to Shiromori.

Trivia Edit

  • Jourdan Lasko released the character sheet on Mushi with the caption: "A bescarfed warrior from an ancient time. She wields an enchanted, chilly blade cold enough to slice through even the most hot-headed demon. Her fate seems intertwined with the modern day Vivi, but in what way currently remains a mystery."[1]
  • The name "Mushi" (無私) means "Selfless", which is likely a reference to her heroic personality.


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