Lance is Arthur's uncle and the owner, as well as head mechanic of Kingsmen Mechanics, a repair shop.

Lance seems to be a rather down-to-earth man. He appears to be gruff to people who do not know him but he truly cares about his nephew and his friends. He employs Arthur at his repair shop, but he doesn't understand much of his nephew's interest in robotics. He stays away from all the paranormal things Arthur gets involved in, not wanting to have anything to do with it.



During the events of Hellbent, Lance is sleeping at his desk inside Kingsmen Mechanics. However, he is jolted awake by the impact of the Mystery Skulls's van into the side of his repair shop. Looking out of the front windows of his shop, he sees Lewis's possessed truck outside, grabs one of the shotguns off the wall, and pumps the slide.


  • The championship belt he wears would be proof of the rumor that he used to be a Pro-Wrestler in his youth, if Lance did not deny it.[1]
  • During the events of Hellbent, Lance grabbed a double-barreled shotgun and pumped the slide (to the sound of a shotgun racking in the song). However, this type of shotgun would have no pump mechanism.
  • There's pieces of what appears to be a robotic arm similar to Arthur's on his desk and a "For Dummies" book on his face.




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