Galahad Thumb

Galahad (mostly referred to as Galaham) is Arthur's pet hamster and loyal assistant to his mechanic tinkerings.

He was born with his lower half paralyzed due to a condition. Arthur built him a set of wheels with which he can move around nonetheless. Despite not having a lot of knowledge about mechanics and robotics, Arthur thinks of him as an assistant. Galahad will start tinkering on his own when not being supervised.

He is more often than not the reason that things fall apart at Kingsmen Mechanics, having stuffed screws and bolts into his cheeks.[1]


  • In the music video "Freaking Out" there is a hamster cage seen in the van. It is likely that Galahad is traveling with the group.
  • His name, Arthur's name, Lance's name and Kingsmen Mechanics could be a reference to the movie/comic "Kingsman: The Secret Service", all of them being codenames of different agents. Galahad being the codenames of the protagonists(Harry Hart, Gary "Eggsy" Unwin), Lance's is short for Lancelot(Roxy), Arthur ironically being the supporting character who betrayed the protagonist(Arthur) just like how Arthur pushed Lewis.(This turns out not to be true as Ghost came out before the movie did, but instead could based off the comic of the same name.)
  • More likely it's just a reference to the story of King Arther