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"Dead Beats" are residents of The Mansion and are primarily backing characters and back-up singers in the Animated Ghost Music Video. They also appear in Freaking Out when Lewis reforms and goes to look for Vivi and Arthur. In Hellbent, one sits in the truck with Lewis. When Lewis threw Arthur inside the truck, three of them block the right path to the cavern, forcing Arthur to take the left. It seems that there are six in total (seen in Ghost behind the current Mystery Skulls Animated Crew), but most of the time only three are seen.


Dead Beats' original concept sketch on Mystery Ben's blog

  • The Dead Beats' waveform antennae are based on the Rhythm Rogues from Space Channel 5. Originally the Dead Beats were going to have waveform mono-brows but that was axed out.[1]
    • In an early stage of the video the Dead Beats were not pink body and Yellow heart and Eyes, but white body with faded Blue heart and Pink Eyes instead. It was changed because pink seemed to be more fitting.
      • Strangely, both Version of the Ghost Dead Beats kept the Orange Tongue Scheme

        The former white Dead Beats

  • The Dead Beats may have different views and emotions about the events of the stories. In several scenes, they can be seen with different expressions and postures. It is unknown whether the expressions are unique to each Beat, representing Lewis's own conflicting emotions, or if the expressions can change as if they were more sentient.
    • One seems to have a normally sad face, seen with Lewis in Freaking out and several times in Hellbent.
    • Another is commonly seen with the characteristic scary face used to scare the Gang in Ghost.
    • The Third Seems to have a Surprised Face Seen In Freaking Out And the One Seating on the Passenger Seat.
      • In the Illusion cave, there is a Smiling Dead Beat at the Top Left Corner of the Screen in Hellbent.


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