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Chloe is an employee at Tome Tomb, a used comic and book store.


She is a fan of obscure 90s anime. She even appears at work in full cosplay, her excuse being that she wants to advertise for the job. However, no one believes her. Duet is her boss at Tome Tomb and Vivi is her co-worker (although being assistant-manager she might also be considered to be a superior of Chloe's).

She has shown interest in joining the Mystery Skulls multiple times only to be rejected by Vivi every time. Vivi is concerned that she might not be old enough to join their quite dangerous investigations. Chloe's motivation to join the group is to find herself an undead boyfriend, a fact that has not worked out in her favor when begging Vivi to join.

Whether it is because of this or for some other reason, Chloe has shown signs of resenting her coworker. However, the two of them get along most of the time.[1]